Low Code Platform


WaveMaker is a low-code/rapid application development and delivery platform that helps create enterprise-grade web and mobile apps. According to the vendor, the product has over 11 years of market presence and is used by thousands of developers to create applications 67% faster.

WaveMaker is offered as an on-premise software (WaveMaker Enterprise) and as a SaaS platform (WaveMaker Online).

Some of the key features of the WYSIWYG WaveMaker platform are:

  • Create and Import Databases
  • API and Web Services Integration
  • Version Control Integration
  • Ready-to-use Templates and Themes
  • 1-Click Preview and Deployment
  • Packaging for Android and iOS App Stores
  • Authentication and Role-based Access Control
  • Customize and Extend Code
  • Team Collaboration
Link to website: www.wavemaker.com
Link to free trial: www.wavemaker.com/get-started/

Low Code Platform of the Month

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